Myfishtalks.com is a free website full of Biblical talks, sessions and sermons. You can also break up the talks and use in small group sessions. It also includes creative resources.

The website is for pastors, teachers, small group leaders, church workers, youth workers or anyone looking to engage with the Bible on a deeper level. We hope you find this engaging, relevant and Biblical. Sorry if you don’t!

It’s our strong belief that the Bible is God’s Word, is truth and that we need to be filled with the Bible in the power of the Holy Spirit. This website is our way of giving back some of what God has given, so that you can do the same. Take what’s useful, check it against the Bible, add or amend where you need to. Where you disagree, move on, let it inspire you to read the Bible more deeply and let’s all encourage each other despite our different perspectives.

Myfishtalks is passionate about the Bible and takes it very seriously, although many of the talks are also fun and have links to other sites and content to give the talks added interest and relevancy. The talks are varied lengths!


Myfishtalks was done by a Spirit-filled believer in Jesus who’s a Christian worker, worship leader, youth worker and called by God to produce varied creative resources for the church in print, design, web, video.

Originally some of the material was on a youth work site (myfishbites.com) but I was encouraged by others to make some of the materials more widely available to adults and churches as well as for young people.

Myfishtalks has a charismatic, evangelical ethos and subscribes to the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith. I am an active and accountable part of a fairly large church which is an Anglican missional church. I work within Christian ministry and also spend time teaching, doing a lot of worship, doing events, some schools work and creating Christian resources such as talks, sessions, sketches, videos on YouTube and music.

(Site updated June 2021)